Mark George

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My name is Mark George, owner and General Manager of CarMark1.  We are a car buying service that is determined to assist you in the purchase of the car of  your dreams!  I have been in the car business for 23+ years and have held every position from salesperson to general manager.  

Have you had an unpleasant experience when purchasing a new or used car or truck?  Well, you are not alone, many people have had the exact same experience.  Shopping for a new or used vehicle is not something that MOST people look forward to--but they should.  YOU should!   It should be a GREAT experience for everyone!

We know what it's like to search for the "right" car, get the "right" price AND finally get the "right" finance terms (if there are any). All I ask is that you put your trust in me and let me do the leg work.  Let me assist you in putting your dream in your driveway!

Owner of CarMark1, Automotive Consultant of Cleveland County, Oklahoma

1206 Presidio Drive | Norman, OK  73072| carmark60@yahoo.com | Tel: 405-834-6643 

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