Simple Steps to Smart Car Buying

Okay, you made the big decision. You’ve going to get a new set of wheels. Lots of considerations going into the buying process, and it could get confusing and stressful. Relax! Let us do the legwork for you. CarMark1 is a car buying service 100% dedicated to helping you purchase of the car of your dreams.

Car buying is a step by step process, and here we outline what you need to consider and when:

1. Figure out your car budget: Cars run the gamut from small and funky to large and luxurious. Price levels vary greatly too. Decide what you can afford to pay for a car and what finance terms you’re looking for: leasing, cash, financing.

2. New or used? Typically it will come down to budget and personal preference. Some people would rather buy used because the large drop in value just by driving off the lot has already happened. Others prefer to only buy new because there is no risk of hidden issues not covered by a warranty.

3. Narrow down your choices: Narrow down your options to a few vehicles that fit your price range and needs. Consider factors such as safety, speed, gas mileage, comfort, and how it handles in bad weather. Just because something is a good fit for your wallet doesn’t mean it will work for your lifestyle.

4. Do your research before buying a car: There are plenty of sites out there that offer comprehensive, unbiased rundowns of new car models, and if going with pre-owned, consult with Kelley Blue Book to make sure the price is fair for that year and model.

5. Get a car insurance quote: Talk to your current insurance agent about running a few price quotes for the vehicles you have in mind.

6. Take a test drive: Once you're ready to get behind the wheel for your test drive, choose a route that allows you to experience different types of driving. The way a car handles on the highway will be different than how it drives in the city.

Let CarMark1 be your partner in the car buying process! We’ll help you find the right car for the right price and, if applicable, help arrange for the best possible finance terms. We value your business and do our best to provide the highest level of customer service. Call today to learn more!


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