The Difference Between Used Cars and Certified Pre-Owned

It’s no secret that there are lots of considerations that go into buying a car. If a brand-new vehicle isn’t an option for you, your choices are a late model used vehicle or certified pre-owned (CPO). CarMark1 is a car buying service that’s 100% dedicated to helping you find the car of your dreams. Here we’ll explain the pros and cons of each to help you can decide the direction you want to go.


  • PROS: The main benefit is that they come with a manufacturer-backed warranty that can extend the standard warranty's life for several years, giving the new owner serious peace-of-mind should a problem arise. Another major benefit is that dealerships tend to select only the best cars for CPO eligibility. As a result, you'll never have to worry that your new vehicle has unseen flaws lurking under its hood.

  • CONS: The biggest downside is cost. Since dealerships know that they're offering the most reliable vehicles around, most charge a premium for their certified vehicles. The result is that a certified pre-owned car will often be more expensive than a similar vehicle without a certified pre-owned warranty.


  • PROS: The biggest benefit is cost. Since you aren't getting a manufacturer-backed warranty, you probably won't pay quite as much as a CPO car with that level of coverage. Another thing to consider is that you don't always need to pay extra to get a warranty. If the car is new enough, for instance, it may offer some remaining factory warranty.

  • CONS: The major drawback of buying an out-of-warranty used car is, of course, that you won't get a warranty. For drivers prone to anxiety or those who are hard on their vehicles, this might not be the best course of action. It may also be a bad idea if parts and labor costs for the vehicle you want are especially expensive.

Let CarMark1 be your partner in the car buying process! We’ll help you find the right car for the right price and, if applicable, help arrange for the best possible finance terms. We value your business and will do our best to provide the highest level of customer service. Call today to learn more!


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